Preventative Action: When Carelessness is Fatal

Funny story — last night, a friend of mine decided that he was sick of his cell phone, a Sony Ericsson w580i. I had my HTC Touch lying around and was interested in getting a Sony Ericsson phone again (I was using a Samsung phone at the time — not feeling the GUI too much), […]

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How to turn Weakness into Strength

It’s happened to everyone — we encounter tasks or activities that are extremely challenging. And for some reason or another, we fail — repeatedly. Again, and again. We gradually grow to admit the failure of this activity as one of our ‘weaknesses’ — and then we leave it alone. Does it make sense? No one […]

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Dear Humanity:

Human Writer blends two aspects of life — humanity and expression, and explores significant issues, techniques, lessons, resources, and aspects of both. I notice that I might’ve used some flowery language, but let me make myself blunt: I will not bend into any pretensity. I am a normal human being — not an elite, intelligent, wealthy scholar, but just another human being. I eat. I drink. I shit. I will make mistakes, but it is with my hope that we can both learn from them.

I write for you, but I also write for myself. I write for you because I need you as a reader — seriously. A lot of celebrities half-heartedly address fans and claim that they were the road to success. See the parallels? However, I will delve deeper: I need you as a reader to support me, but not only that — to encourage me, to reprimand me, to keep me in check. I now possess a voice, and with this voice I demand that you police Human Writer. I am a human. I will make mistakes. And so it’s absolutely essential that I am surrounded by a crowd of loyal, but demanding, readers, to help me develop.

Secondly, I write for you because without you, there is no Human Writer, and there will be no me. Literally. Any blog, website, publication, magazine, or newspaper can tell you that they have running costs. Similarly, with Human Writer, there are running costs. Running my life has costs. I put a lot of time and effort into Human Writer, which is swell, but if nothing is gained out of it then my time and effort are wasted. I would be fruitless, I would have worked for nothing. Should this hapen, then I will not have the financial resources to sustain myself, and will literally cease to function.

Of course, that’s just an extreme, haha.

Finally, I write for you because my goal is to share my knowledge with the human race. Yes, I am a human. So was Plato. Socrates. Kierkegaard. Freud. Fromm. I don’t claim to be a philosopher or legend of any sort, but I like to compare myself to them because they are also humans. We share the same potential. However, without Plato, Socrates, Kierkegaard, Freud, or Fromm, the world would be a very different place. Less advanced. Less sophisticated. Less understanding. Less loving. Less developed. I refuse to believe that there is such a thing as “useless sharing” — all collaboration and knowledge shared is beneficial to both parties, and will be beneficial to the entire human race (imagine what would happen if we’d actually listened to our parents and never made a single mistake that they did, and listened their every instruction?).

I write for myself to document my own life journey. At this point in time, I am seventeen years old. I turn eighteen on September 6. I will admit my lack of experience, but will not let that stop me from getting out my dreams and my advice to you. And if you open your eyes and ears, then you might learn as much from me as I will from you.